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2023 Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition Conference

Supported Education & Supported Employment:
Improving Career Services Outcomes within PA Clubhouses 

Presented by Jill Valiant


Presentation Overview: In this session, we will explore the ways that Clubhouses can support their membership in the pursuit of vocational and educational goals. We’ll talk about what is currently working well within Clubhouses statewide, and share resources and suggestions to improve Career Services outcomes throughout the PA Clubhouse Coalition. Take back resources and develop goals to help your Clubhouse strengthen your Supported Employment and Supported Education components of your Work Ordered Day!

2023 American College Counseling Association Conference

Photo of a projector with the presentation, PTSD in College Students displayed.

PTSD in College Students: Mitigating the Impact of Trauma on Postsecondary Students

Presented by Amy Banko and Brittany Stone


Presentation Overview: Traumatic stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among college students have been linked to poor academic performance and an increased risk of college drop-out. Typical PTSD symptoms include trouble sleeping, headaches, flashbacks, feelings of hopelessness, and trouble concentrating, which may interfere with successful academic performance (Barry et al., 2012). These symptoms have been shown to impact overall educational attainment, specifically accounting for 14.2% of high school drop-out and 4.7% of college drop-out in the United States. College retention is also significantly lower among those diagnosed with PTSD, in contrast with those exposed to trauma but not diagnosed with PTSD. These individuals are at a higher risk for academic difficulties and tend to utilize less effective coping strategies to manage their trauma-related distress. Thus, there is clearly a significant need to build college counselors’ competencies to support students in mitigating the functional implications of trauma and PTSD on students’ postsecondary academic performance.

Innovative Benefit Planning Well-Being @ Work Summit 2022

Innovative Benefit Planning Well Being at Work Summit Logo

Workplace Mental Health: Promoting Acceptance & Increasing Productivity
IEI Faculty, Joni Dolce, presented at the Innovative Benefit Planning Well-Being @ Work Summit.
Image of Joni DolcePresentation Overview: Mental health problems can have a negative impact on an employee’s productivity and the overall morale of an organization. Stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems may contribute to increased absenteeism, lateness, and an employee’s overall drive to do well and succeed in a company. This session will explore strategies that HR professionals can utilize to retain workers with mental health conditions and to create supportive and accessible environments that allow for increased productivity, especially during this current time of uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Describe the consequences of mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Identify how to recognize mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Apply strategies and identify resources to accommodate and support employees’ mental health and wellness.
  • Recognize the benefits to businesses who promote mental-health-friendly practices.

Building Vocational Staff Competencies: Developing Cultural Humility within your Staff

Presented by IEI faculty, Amy Banko & Joni Dolce at the 2022 Washington State COD & Treatment Conference

_________________________________________________________________________________________Presentation Overview: This presentation focused on the importance of integrating cultural humility and structural competence within mental health service provision. We reviewed the ways to bolster staff’s cultural humility development to enhance service provision for diverse consumers. Additionally, we reviewed the Cultural Formulation Interview and discussed ways in which it could be effectively leveraged to gain a better understanding of the individual’s cultural context to inform services including vocational practices.

The Road to Recovery: Focusing and Developing Recovery Goals

The Road to Recovery: Focusing and Developing Recovery Goals (1 CE Clock Hour)

Presented by IEI faculty, Amy Banko & Joni Dolce at the 2022 Washington Behavioral Healthcare Conference

_________________________________________________________________________________________Presentation Overview: Focusing on recovery goals during the current pandemic may be difficult for many individuals participating in services. Specifically, individuals’ lives may have been disrupted due to personal illness, economic factors, and increased family responsibilities. Progress toward recovery goals, such as employment, education, and wellness may have been put on hold while basic needs are addressed. This session provided practitioners with tools and strategies to assist individuals with re-focusing on recovery goals. Providers left the session with a renewed focus on developing comprehensive and holistic recovery goals.

A Strengths-Based Approach to Assisting Job Seekers with Addressing Gaps in Employment 

Photo of IEI faculty presenting a workshop.

Presented by IEI faculty, Ni Gao & Joni Dolce at ACCSES New Jersey’s 2022 STAR Conference

_________________________________________________________________________________________Presentation Overview: This workshop addressed the challenge many job seekers potentially encounter when they haven’t worked for some time or may have left jobs due to less than favorable reasons–gaps in work history. This can make it difficult to develop resumes, complete applications, and feel confident during job interviews. The workshop identified strategies and resources to assist job seekers in describing gaps in work history.