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IEI Trainings are designed for employment staff, other service providers, businesses, practitioners working in partial care/hospitalization, other treatment-based settings, and consumers.

They are offered throughout southern New Jersey to increase successful employment outcomes for people with mental health illnesses. A wide range of topics from basic skills to advanced practice are available each season and are taught by experienced IEI staff. 

Our trainings are split into prevocational and career services. The focus of these trainings is on preparatory activities designed for use with individuals or in a group setting.

We do also offer wellness trainings occasionally as part of our career services series. These trainings can be attended by anyone and for more information, please read the training descriptions.

There is no fee required for these trainings, however pre-registration is required. Registered participants will be notified in advance of any changes or cancellations via email or phone.

You can view the training offerings below. Offerings are updated seasonally.


Prevocational Services Professional Development:
This series is designed for practitioners working in partial care, partial hospitalization, or other treatment-based settings. The focus is on preparatory activity designed for use with individuals or in group settings.

Career Services/Wellness Trainings:
These trainings directly address skills & resources relevant to the current crisis, specifically related to the provision of career services and staff wellness.